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Since 2015, LaRoqua cabs can also be ordered as Timberly models which means that they are crafted with noble, massive wood.
The selection of woods is extended continuously. Special request are possible, too.











The Timberly line sparkles with exclusive designs and fantastic, individual sounds. Color and grain of the wood let become every cabinet a single piece. All Timberly cabs are glued with sumptuous dovetail joints. They are fivefold honed and double oiled (inside and outside) for a unique nature look.


The Head Lamp matches perfectly to the dynamic and rhythm of the guitar player and supports his sound optically.

It's mounted in every 12" cab without extra costs.

Worldwide one-of-a-kind and always an eye-catcher: The LaRoqua Head Lamp is a LED light feature which takes its power out of the supplied guitar signal without influencing the sound.

The light reacts dynamicly or smoothly to the play - there are two modes to select, the switch is placed on the back of the cabinet.


Since the year 2016 all LaRoqua cabs are delivered with the new Multi Mount system for different accessories. Of course, older cabinets which do not have the system installed can be expanded.

For a quick and strong installation of a microphone in front of the cabinets, the LaRoqua Mic Mount system is die best solution. Designed in high-quality stainless steel and delivered with an extra strong gooseneck it fits for all types of microphones. With its two hand screws, it can be mounted and geared in seconds. The Mic Mount system is delivered in a handmade denim bag.

The Angle Stand is a set of two high-class extra stands which improve the beam angle of the cabinet to about 15 degrees in direction to the head of the musician. It's also delivered in a handmade denim bag.


Our flexback systems don't call for lazy compromises: No tools are needed, it takes only seconds to get a new setup and everything is infinitely variable.

The 212 STUDIO flexback is even adjustable per sound chamber.

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